“With Our Strengths and Our Minds and Spirit, We Gather, We Form and We Fashion: Makers and Shapers and Put-it-togetherers.”

About Us

What is a Makerspace?


To us.. A Makerspace is as a shared community workshop, for like-minded people to gather, collaborate, discuss and share interests, typically in science, mathematics, electronics, art, and/or crafting… mainly, to Make things and form friendships. It’s an organized group of local artists, engineers, makers, creators, hackers, thinkers, tear-it-aparters and put-it-togetherers, that work together to collect tools and resources for their membership, who could not otherwise afford, store, or use them individually. A group that will use these resources to collaborate on individual and community projects in order to promote science, technology and/or art while working and experimenting on innovative ideas to encourage learning within a community.


Maine Makerspaces’ Mission


Maine Makerspace aims to sustain a member operated Makerspace within the central Maine area. The goal of this Makerspace is bring in makers, builders, tinkers, artists, dreamers, and doers; together under one roof to form a Makerspace. By bringing together these people a common place can be established to meet and discuss ideas, explore various technical endeavors, and communicate these thoughts with individuals from various backgrounds. Ultimately we seek to further our knowledge as individuals and as a group by learning what we can from each other.


Our Makerspace Goals


Our primary goal is to develop, foster and promote the ‘Maker’ ideologies to anyone interested.
To educate, teach, share ideas and collaborate with other like minded people.
To work on individual and group projects.


Our Makerspace Structure


Our Makerspace will be largely member driven. The vast majority of the decisions for the organization will remain in the members hands. It shall remain the exception to the rule rather than the norm that decisions are left completely in the hands of the board members. We hope that with the organization remaining under the control of the members, people will have a sense of ownership and pull within the group’s actions.

Officially we will utilize a board of directors structure. We will have a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Public Relations Director. This will be purely for the day to day business aspect of the group. Since we will become an incorporated nonprofit organization, we need certain positions in place and names to go on the official paperwork. The purpose of the board is not specifically to tell individuals in the group what to do, but to offer guidance and structure to the group. To keep fresh minds with new ideas in place, there will be a voting process at which point new officers are elected.


Our Group History So Far..

(There is still time for YOU to make history with us)

We started as a group of people online with a common idea. We had all heard about the idea of “makerspaces” or “hackerspaces” where geeks could come and work on projects together. Coming to the realization that central Maine has no such group, we decided it was time for one to exist. We created a website and started a Facebook group to gather people who may be interested in making the push to create a physical Makerspace.

Now, with nearly 50 members on our Facebook group, it’s time to start forming a plan. Hopefully by summer of 2014 we can locate a small physical space to call our home. We can then work on building tools, getting a bank account, soliciting some donations, working towards group and individual projects, holding public ‘maker days’ to teach the public what the Maker scene is all about.

Before the terms ‘Makerspace’ or ‘Hackerspace’ were coined, Mainers were already making and hacking. We make… or we take what we have and we make it better. It’s just what makes us Mainers.


Status: Planning


If you would like to be part of Maine Makerspace, please join our ‘Virtual Makerspace” on Facebook.




We are currently building a group of people interested in getting Maine Makerspace up off the ground. Join us.. help us make this happen! 🙂