“With Our Strengths and Our Minds and Spirit, We Gather, We Form and We Fashion: Makers and Shapers and Put-it-togetherers.”


Maine is a tough State for community-based projects like a Maker Space. To survive we need all the help we can get.

Here are a few ways you can help us out:

* Become a member, there’s strength in numbers

* Make a donation to help us obtain a physical location, buy tools and equipment

* Tell others about us, put up flyer; post our banner on your website.

* Get involved!!


Feel free to make a Donation to the Maine Makerspace Fund to help support Maine Makers. Donations are not yet tax deductible, but will help to further establish and sustain our community building goals by giving everyone from all walks of life a better opportunity to participate in our world changing mission. Giving back allows for Maine Makers to work together as equals in order to accomplish, learn, and share things that would not be possible anywhere else.